goTele An Off-Grid Tracking


  1. Go back to the map page and press the “create group” button in the right side to go into the group page. Press the “Create group” button in the bottom of the page to go into the Create group page. You will find many persons in the page. You can invite the person who like thisimage.pngto join your group. If a person is in this status image.png  he or she can’t join your group because he or she is in other group. Then you can press the “Next” to go to “group information” page.
    1499764593790993.png 1499764600172284.png 1499764606617324.png
           Map page             Group page               Create Group

  2. In the “group information” page, you can choose different group icon, group name and channel. Then you can press the “create” button in the bottom of the page to create the group and go into the group page. 
    1499765129628763.png              1499765134439839.png
    Setting group information         Group member list

  3. ress the “Start” button to record the trace, and press the “end” button to enter the “Save&Delete” page. You can save or delete the tract in the “Save&Delete” page.
    1499821945994480.png 1499821973637130.png 1499821990655740.png 1499822006601287.png
                           Map page                                Group chat                  SOS