goTele An Off-Grid Tracking


  1. Go back to the map page, click the “create team” button, then go into the group page. When you are the leader of the group, You can kick out group members. When you slide a member who is in the list to the left, you will find a “kick” button behind the member, and then you can just press the “Kick button” to kick out the member. And at the bottom of the page, you can press the “Dismiss” button to dismiss the group. And when you are a group member in the group, you can press the “quit” button in the bottom of the page to quit the group. 
    1.png 2.png 3.png
           Map page              Kick out\Dismiss               Quit

  2. The phone does not install the APP can click the "RESET" key on the right side of the beacon to quit the team.
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