goTele An Off-Grid Tracking


  1. Return to the map page and click the “start&end” button on the right side. There are four buttons in the next page: Start point, Rest point, End point and Electronic fence.
                            Map page

  2. Click the “choose a map” button in the map page, then there are five different maps that you can choose to use.
    1.png 2.png
                            Map page

  3. Press the “download map” button to enter the “add map” page, and then press the  the "add" button in the upper right corner to get into the “ map download”page. In the“map download”page,the button on the upper right corner of the page can search maps of different cities. “select the map” button can let you choose a different map. You can choose three resolution  BD, HD, SD. After press the "start downloading" button, press "OK" to download the map.
    1.png 2.png 3.png 1499763132259293.png
          Map page               “Add mpp”page          Download map          press "OK" 

  4. Press the “Start” button to record the trace, and press the “end” button to enter the “Save&Delete” page. You can save and delete the trace in the “Save&Delete” page.
    1499763766404547.png 1499763771997429.png 1499763776252195.png
                         Map page                       Save&Delete page