goTele An Off-Grid Tracking


Modern people are increasingly keen on outdoor sports, such as walking wilderness, climbing, camping and even climbing, kayaking and some extreme sports.


How does GoTele guarantee the safety of these outdoor sports?

1,The data from the Chinese Mountaineering Association calendar year reported show that more than 80% of the outdoor accident are the individual and the team  lost contact. Lost is the most important factor in the tragedy. GoTele let the organizers of the entire team to understand the location and found that the problem at any time effective intervention to ensure team integrity, consistency. It can ensure no teammate will lost.

2,For the teammate, goTele can let you know where your teammates in real time, what is their route of travel. It can effectively ensure that your forward found with the team through goTele.

3,Team track;. goTele can show all the teammates’ trajectory through their own trajectory and teammates trajectory contrast They can always know whether they go the wrong way.

4,One key SOS. If you find the accident, you can directly trigger the GoTele on key SOS button. It will quickly send to your surrounding teammates SOS information based on your help location. It can quickly tell you the teammates around, who you are, your location and you need help.

So, why is SOS information sent to your teammates? Not everyone?

Firstly, We do not advocate lone heroes. We do not recommend you to take a risky sport.

Secondly, We advocate self-help and fast rescue. Your teammates / leader is the fastest to rescue your strength. Time is life.